Visiting an artist's studio doesn't have to be messy

Should you meet the artists whose work you collect? Collecting as patronage.

For someone who lived in Manhattan for 12 years, I have too few “celebrity sightings.”  The problem is that I don’t really care for celebrities. My “celebrity sighting” stories are more like “the time I didn’t see that celebrity.”  For example, I was next to Leonardo DiCaprio on three separate occasions during Frieze Week in 2017.  (Or so I am told.)  Twice we were in the same booth on Randall’s

Origen is pleased to share…

Origen has co-sponsored Moved to Do the Same, by Joan Jonas, published by Triple Canopy. Joan Jonas is a contemporary visual artist and pioneer of video and performance art. “All of my work from maybe 1970 on referred to the feminist movement, but indirectly,” she has explained. “I wasn’t interested in making political art, but from the very beginning I’ve always been interested in how my work relates to the

Are you a “Downtown” collector?

I was in Chelsea, standing in a mega-gallery’s private viewing room. It was fancy. To get in, the sales associate moved aside a velvet rope as he ushered me away from the public exhibition space—where the masses strolled amidst million dollar works, snapping what I like to call “art selfies.” I had asked to see an available painting by an artist the mega-gallery would soon represent. I was excited to